Stir-Fried Birthday Extravaganza

Last week was the start of the highly anticipated (and sometimes feared) birthday week. I took a day off work, went to visit family, and all-around enjoyed myself for 5 straight days. Oh, and did you notice the JulieDoodles upgrade? There’s more where that came from, all thanks to that birthday of mine.

Thursday night kicked off birthday week. What better way to celebrate than homemade stir fry? I somewhat followed a Paula Deen recipe (that managed to maintain a shred of healthy dignity). I’ll admit that I did lessen the oil by about half, subbed brown rice for rice noodles, and doubled my veggies. I can’t help myself, I just can’t.

The recipe was simple, fairly quick, and delicious. Next time I may increase the seasonings in the sauce, but it totally worked as it was. A squeeze of lime would have been nice as well.

With Friday came the start of a fantastic long weekend that included a trip to my sister’s in Columbus. We ate a great deal of delicious food, watched (several) hours of SNL clips, and got up Saturday morning to check out the market that takes place on the square downtown.

A whole lot of fun happened and it turns out that Uncle Tex is a ridiculously cooler than Aunt Julie. Dang.

We wrapped our weekend up with more incredible food at the mother’s house, The Shins in concert, and birthday cake at work (delivered by Pal). Now, that’s how you celebrate a birthday.


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