Burgers in Baskerville

I’m moving to Baskerville. Nope, no I’m not. However, until last night, I thought Baskerville was Bakersville. As in the the hound of. As in the well-known font. Maybe that just goes to show where my mind goes, where my mind has always gone– to the kitchen.
While we didn’t get to go to Baskerville this weekend, we did get to indulge in season two of Sherlock (finally!) and some dang fine burgers and fries.

I’ve been craving a burger and fries all week. Restaurant-style, juicy, crispy, seasoned awesomeness. While Pal and I do like to enjoy a dinner out, we really like to test our skills and see what can be accomplished in our little kitchen. It’s fun and budget friendly. A DIY Date-night if you will (that doesn’t require shoes).

Now let’s get started…

Turns out, there’s not much to a great burger. I used ground sirloin, made 4 equal-sized patties, sprinkled on some kosher salt and pepper, and brushed on a smidgen of olive oil.

Grill for 3 or so minutes on each side and there you have it– meat heaven.

The fries are a little more involved, but well, WELL worth it.

There’s some peeling, slicing, and seasoning to do.

For the slicing, use some caution. I used a meat fork and sharp knife. The meat fork was a surprisingly good decision.

The seasonings are where it gets real. Real. We have Worchestershire, grill seasoning, garlic salt, and a secret weapon. A secret crispifying weapon. Cornstarch. Who knew? I sure as heck didn’t until a few weeks ago. It’s amazing. These fries tasted, well, fried.

Throw that burger on a toasted bun, top it with some ketchup, champagne mustard, mayo, pickles, pimento cheese, and you’re good to go.

All in all, it was a win-win dinner situation. A homemade milkshake would have been a nice way to end things, but we can’t have everything, can we? For the burger recipe, I went straight to the grilling source…Bobby Flay. Simple, straightforward, and according Bobby, perfect. For the fries (which aren’t fried at all), I went to JTB. I used olive oil instead of canola on the burgers and switched up the seasonings on the fries.


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