Let’s Thai Something New

Freezers are our friends. So are crock pots. Combine the two appliances and you may just find yourself with a dynamic duo, especially on a weeknight. Or a Saturday.

A dear and lovely friend (you know who you are!) gave me an e-cookbook that is based on the aforementioned duo. It was created by Stephanie at Mama and Baby Love and you can find it here. I broke it out this week and made not one, but two of her super convenient recipes. I bought all the ingredients on Sunday, prepped, and froze.

Today’s feature? Thai Chicken Curry. I’d been in need of a reason to use curry and this was a dang good reason.

My only issue was that I did not realize until this week that I may have a smaller than some crock pot. Or maybe I need to let my freezer bag sit out a bit before trying to fit a frozen solid rectangle into an oval pot. Fortunately I had a few extra minutes this morning and let said ice brick thaw out in a 500 degree oven, but it was not my preferred method. No bigs. Now I know and can prepare this week’s meals with (hopefully) more finesse.

I added in a couple fresh herbs for the last 30 minutes or so. Basil + cilantro–another dynamic duo.

The dish was delish. I served it over rice with lots of broth. Winner, winner, Thai chicken dinner.


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