Waste Not, Want Breakfast

Unless smoothies are the week’s breakfast of choice, we rarely make it through a bunch of bananas without at least a couple turning too ripe for our taste. Such was the case this week, so instead of trashing the past-their-prime fruits, I decided to make Sunday breakfast early and bake a healthy loaf of banana bread.

Saturday night baking party of 1.

Wet + dry

I borrowed this recipe from Weight Watchers, which I found via Joy the Baker. I subbed the all-purpose flour for whole wheat, per usual. It took a little longer to bake, so I covered the loaf with aluminum foil and let it bake for another 15 minutes. It turned out delicious and I really enjoyed the added texture of the oats. The additional bake time didn’t dry it out at all.

Whip It Good

Batter Up

What’s not to love about banana bread (especially when you can smear it with dark chocolate peanut butter)? Add a few dark chocolate chips, put it in the oven to get melty, and it becomes dessert.


Breakfast is Served.




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