Let’s Make This Happen

I made a summer to-do list (and checked every last thing off it, I think), so now I want to create a fall to-make list. Chock full of the yummy, warm and gooey, rich and lovely foods that come with cooler temps (and taste better when eaten curled up on the couch in fuzzy socks).

1. Brunswick Stew (and many more soupy, crock pot-y things): I was perusing a few Brunswick stew recipes this morning and dang, I am going to have some lightening up to do! While, maybe my favorite food when eaten over mashed potatoes, this stew is all around crazy high in the fats department. Good thing I like a challenge.


2. As many items as possible with canned cinnamon rolls. Apple pie crust? Done. Breakfast casserole? Alrighty. What can’t this stuff do?


3. Homemade bread. For sandwiches. To dip in olive oil. To make my house smell like heaven. I’ve never tried and I want to see if I can give Sister Schubert a run for her money.


4. Lots of things involving pumpkin. It’s creamy, it’s delicate, it makes everything more delicious. Pull-apart bread? Pumpkin-chocolate marble cake? Zucchini-fied muffins? It’s all coming true, friends.

pumpkin, chocolate+cream cheese

5. Doughnuts. Oh, heaven help me (and bring me a doughnut pan).

oh, doughnut

*all images via pinterest


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