Creature Comforts

There are few things more comforting than chocolate chip cookies and a favorite t.v. show. This week, I have happily indulged in both. Now, there are many ways to a chocolate chip cookie and many favorite t.v. shows in my book.

On the radar this week? Dark chocolate chip cookies with salted pistachios and a whole lotta Ally McBeal. The cookie recipe I borrowed from none other than Joy the Baker (I’m considering renaming this blog What Would JTB Make) and the fifteen year prime time throwback? I say, we have Netflix for a reason. Take advantage! Relive those awkward middle and high school years with a funny, quippy, lawyer dramady. By the way, it’s just as funny as I remember. Heck, probably funnier since there are a lot more jokes I understand this time around. I also (proudly) remember the theme song as if it aired yesterday.

Back to those cookies. Dark chocolate and pistachios? Where has this combination been my entire life? Life changing. LIFE changing. The bitter, salty, rich, with just enough subtle sweetness from the brown sugar. Cooked at 300 instead of 350, these cookies take a little longer to bake, but are so worth it. Thick, a little crispy, and melty-gooey in the middle. The perfect cookie (and the dark chocolate and pistachios add that slightly fancy something extra).

My only changes to Joy’s recipe? Whole wheat flour (because it was on hand) and I skipped the salt for topping (pistachios were purchased shelled and salted and I was afraid of going overboard). The only thing that could have made these cookies better? A scoop of ice cream.


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