Croissanwich 2.0

Sometimes I can sense when sense an oncoming snafu. This morning, I woke up from a dream about cinnamon-sugar blueberry donuts with cream cheese frosting. (In all seriousness, what is my problem?) With sugar on the brain, I decided to make cinnamony-sweet ebelskivers for breakfast. In no time at all, I managed to forget that I was halving the recipe and had to bring it back to full-size measurements; fumble a white/yolk separation; and then completely toss a necessary ingredient (with no extra stash to use). I saw this screw up approaching the moment I realized I had just two eggs to work with. Those devilish little yolks give me trouble more often than not, and this morning was no exception. Long story short, the only thing that got anywhere near an ebelskiver today was my trash can.

With little else to work with (and a hungry Pal), I went to the store. Stocked with eggs, maple bacon (eeek!), and a giant tube of  crescent roll dough (I know, I know), I was on my way to making magic happen. Light breakfast on a Saturday? That’s what the gym is for, friends.

Instead of the more traditional Croissanwiches of last weekend, I decided to wrap everything up inside the dough and bake away. Semi-homemade breakfast Hot Pocket? Pretty much, but just take it up a notch or seven on the tasty-meter, and that was breakfast.

All you need is bacon, eggs, cheese, and your favorite tube of dough. Lightly scramble the eggs (I used 4 eggs and a splash of milk), fry up the bacon (1 piece per wrap, then blot off the excess grease), chop it up, and then you’re just about in business. Roll out the dough and separate into triangles. Sprinkle with shredded cheese, bacon, and eggs. Wrap ’em up and throw a little more cheese on top just for the heck of it. You won’t regret it.

Bake for 12ish minutes and high-five someone, because these things are awesome.

Pal and I restrained ourselves and only had two each. You don’t have to do that.


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