Plum Amazing

Saturday’s BBQ feast would not have been complete without dessert, and dessert did we have. I went to my go-to blog for all things baked–Joy the Baker. As always, she brought it. This devilishly good combination probably wouldn’t have come to mind had I not been catching up on past a JTB & Shutts podcast that mentioned said recipe. All I can say is, I’m lucky that it did, because this was good. However, anything involving ten tablespoons of butter stands a great chance of being good. And not just any butter, mind you, but browned butter. Rich, nutty, amazing browned butter. It should be in everything. I cannot think of one thing that contains butter that wouldn’t benefit of the browned variety. It takes whatever is being made to the next level.

It wasn’t just the copious amounts of browned butter that drew me in. Anything that can be made in or cast iron skillet has become my new favorite. The rustic feel (and immense satisfaction when whatever happens to be in the skillet doesn’t come out burned) is incredibly satisfying. Maybe it’s the weight of the thing that makes you feel like you’re really doing something.

I am also a huge fan of plums. Candy sweet inside with a crisp, tart skin. No matter how common, or how many I’ve eaten in my lifetime, plums always seem like something special (and I think way more desserts should incorporate them).

Vanilla gelatto was the perfect cobbler companion. With all that butter, sugar, and all-around richness, you would think that the gelatto would just put it over the top, but it did not. It was rich, full of flavor, with a lovely creamy cool against the fresh from the oven warm cobbler. Heaven.



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