A Cookie/Cake…Need I Say More?

Joy the Baker, if you ever read this, I think we should be friends. I’m just going to go ahead and put it out there. Your recipes fill my dreams, your podcasts dance in my headphones.

Getting on to the goodness, JTB herself inspired this post just a day or so ago. I saw it and knew it was meant for me to make and for several reasons:
1. Tex’s cast iron pan has only been used for meat. The meats have been great, but I know it can do so much more.
2. I love anything with brown sugar. So much so, love seems like too weak a word.
3. Banana anything is my immediate favorite.
4. It only uses one dish. Yeah, that’s real.

You can find her recipe here. I didn’t dare change a thing. No lesser fats, or sugars, or any of that craziness. I had 90 minutes of hot yoga to do that for me today.

Mine turned out a littler darker than hers in color, only because the chocolate melted a bit when I was mixing it in. All in all, it was pretty dang great. A delicious crust on top with an ooey-gooey crumbly, cake/cookie heaven underneath. Sadly, we didn’t have any coffee ice cream lying around, but we did have vanilla almond milk, and I think that was just enough. The leftovers will be joining us at church tomorrow, because I cannot be trusted alone with this thing. It’s dangerous.


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