Hey, Cookie.

What is it about having the most familiar thing, just in a different form,  so much more exciting? It can be anything, not just food (however, the best references that come to mind are edible). Cake on a stick? Yes! Nachos, but made with tater tots instead of chips? I’ll take two! For me, but probably not for the much more sane people out there, a new spin on an old familiar favorite makes me downright giddy. And that is the only way I can think to describe the feeling I had when I came across this recipe via Pinterest.

What, you ask, could cause such sheer excitement in my world? Sugar Cookie Bars. Yep, you read that right–sugar cookies, but baked in a pan and then smeared with (hot pink) icing. Clearly it doesn’t take much to get me all wound up.

But, wound up I was. I had been itching for a reason to make this dessert, but needed a gathering that involved somewhat of a crowd. (Despite my childlike reaction to anything sugary and baked, I still have sense enough to not make 24 servings of anything for just the pal and I. ) Luckily, the 4th of July came ’round and we had a cookout to attend; so, I took the opportunity to whip these babies up. I had most of the ingredients, lacking only a bit of butter and some sprinkles. I ran to the store and had originally planned to get patriotic sprinkles, when lo and behold, there were no patriotic sprinkles in sight. I didn’t think it was possible and I stood in the cake aisle in disbelief, for probably just past too long. So, if a girl can’t have her red, white, and blue sprinkles on America’s birthday, at least she can have hot pink icing and rainbow sprinkles, like she would have on her own birthday.

The recipe was delightfully simple. My only modification was doubling the icing, because that is just how I roll.


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