Birthday Bonanza Recap (Three Weeks Later)

Tex’s birthday was a few weekends ago, and what better way to celebrate than to have some friends over for burgers, hotdogs, and a beyond indulgent dessert? I challenge you to find a more perfect way to spend a summer evening.

I have succeeded in making my pal a different (and brand new) dessert every year. For this birthday I scoured Pinterest for something fabulous, and that fabulous is what I found:

Let the hallelujah chorus begin.

Behold, Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Pie. You will notice that the original is in tart form. Well, I have yet to purchase a tart pan because pie pans work just as well. Tarts are adorable, just as tasty, and may be slightly more sophisticated; but pie pans will still get the job done (and done well).


The pie was an easy one to make as well as a crowd pleaser–but what pie isn’t when served with vanilla bean ice cream?

Do not deny yourself the pretzel crust.

The crust was a little thicker than a traditional pie crust, but that just made it more sturdy and very easy to smush right into the pie pan; no anxiety filled rolling required.

Thick, golden perfection.

Then comes the homemade chocolate ganache. Boy oh boy, this could be used so many ways (but please, somebody come and stop me before I do). I kept it on the thicker side, ’cause that’s how I like it. Good chocolate, heavy cream, and lots of butter is all you need to make your own little bit of heaven.

This is what love tastes like.

Post pie, we ventured over to Stone Mountain to catch the Laser Show Spectacular in all its glory. Too bad it started to pour just as we pulled into the park. We sat it out until it let up to a sprinkle, then we joined the remaining brave souls on the lawn. There were many more brave souls than we anticipated and were stuck standing on the sidewalk, blankets in hand, throughout the 45 minute show. Rain or no rain, Tex and a few of our friends got to experience one of my favorite cheesy pastimes. Cheese or no cheese, Tex finally got a glimpse of the park and I do not think I will have any problem getting him back there for a full day of park awesomeness.


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