Life Update

Maybe I’m the queen of lulls. Maybe I have a hard time sticking with things. Maybe I just can’t seem to grasp this whole ‘consistency’ bit.

At any rate, it’s been nothing short of three weeks since I’ve posted a thing. I’d like to say I was off changing the world, but that would be too far from the truth. I have been working, volunteering at church (we have a news-worthy yard sale behind us now), crossing a thing or two off my summer to-do list, gift shopping for a few fun occasions, and birthday planning for my pal. So, at least I can say I have been busy, right?

I have a few recipes in the hopper–one of which I will be breaking out tomorrow for Birthday Weekend Extravaganza 2012. It’s salty, it’s sweet, it combines a couple of my favorite things… and that is all I can say for now.

For the morning, we have this to look forward to:

The last of our Williams-Sonoma chocolate croissants. They have lasted (amazingly) in our freezer since Thanksgiving of 2010. Here’s hoping they proof like they should because man, these things are so good. If you haven’t tried these little fluffy, flaky, chocolate puffs of pure joy, stop reading this and go order some right now. I’m not kidding, nor am I receiving lavish gifts or funds for my endorsement–but a girl can dream.


2 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. Well I have read a lot of things you are busy doing in that short little paragraph right there. If you are in a “lull” then I’m afraid for myself๎„. I love to keep up with the fun things you do whenever you can make the time to write about it!!! Looks to me like your priorities are perfectly in line:)

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