Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! So many relatives of mine served in different branches of the military, and it’s such a brave and honorable thing. So, thank you (family and beyond)!

To celebrate, I decided to make a pie. A very summery (and red) pie. Strawberry-rhubarb via Smitten Kitchen , to be exact. It’s a pie that I’ve yet to attempt before today; and truth be told, was a little nervous to delve into after reading SK’s post about it and its ‘loser’ status. Regardless, I put my fears aside and got started on it first thing this morning (To clarify, ‘first thing’ this morning was around 9:30 after having slept 11 hours in a Benadryl-induced fog). The pie was easy enough to assemble, but somehow, I managed to forget to add the butter and didn’t remember that until the pie was sitting all golden and pretty on the cooling rack. Oh well, let’s hope two tablespoons of butter doesn’t make or break this thing. I’ll be sure to amend the post post-BBQ–fingers crossed the baby turns out just fine.

Queen Elizabeef says hello!

The culprits.

A patriotic pie.



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