Carmelizing Kindness

Sometimes, after a day and a half of being in a terrible mood, you find within in you the overwhelming urge to do something nice for someone. And sometimes the lucky recipient of that nice gesture is your pal.

Last night after work I decided to forgo my run (which was a make-up run, oops…) to head to the farmer’s market, pick up a week’s worth of food, and start dinner as soon as I got home. While this might not sound overly nice (or at least beyond the norm) to some, the gesture was all over those actions. Mainly in the farmer’s market. The farmer’s market here in Decatur, GA is an amazing (but sometimes is so crowded you have to stop yourself from throwing an elbow or two). It’s a rare, rare thing that Tex and I ever go it alone. So, having been too busy/tired/lazy to hit it up on Sunday, we had planned to go together last night. Tex came home to the smell of onions caramelizing and was confused and in disbelief only for a few moments. He thought I was making a pre-shopping snack. Pssh.

Amidst the rain and my slowly recovering mood, I made this (paired with creamy tomato soup and cheesy croutons).


*Image courtesy of the ever-lovely Joy the Baker. Go to her blog. Now!


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