Don’t Wanna.

I think that some day(s) should allow for crawling under one’s desk/back under the covers/finding a duffel bag large enough to climb inside and shutting off the world. Because, some days, you just don’t want to. Don’t want to what, you ask? If it doesn’t involve a Gilmore Girls/Sabrina/Ghost Whisperer marathon, consider me not signed up for it.

Days like this aren’t always bad days. Today has actually been quite nice. Great hair day, little humidity, office door open to the fresh-aired world. Still, that doesn’t mean the tasks at hand are the tasks I’m ready (or willing) to do. Sometimes, a girl just needs to play hookie…not that I’ve been granted that luxury today, by any means.

Regardless of what luxuries I have, or have not been granted today; this is where my head is at. It’s lovely there (or here?).


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