Eggplant & Allergies (but not eggplant allergies)

I spent the majority of this past weekend suffering from a mysterious food allergy. It began Friday after lunch and has yet to make its full exit. While I am thrilled to no longer have swollen lips, I am beyond over the hives–nose to neck hives are not pretty, no  matter what anyone says. Seeing that this allergy is still a mystery, my diet will be sans dairy (eek!), honey, strawberries, and peaches for the time being. Avoiding dairy makes grocery shopping an event in and of itself. No Tex, I can’t have pizza. No Tex, bread is sometimes made with milk and can’t have that either. No Tex, I will not be eating a baked potato minus butter, sour cream, and cheese. However, I did discover the joy that is Rice Dream. I’ll eat that any day.

A few days before this allergy came about, I was inspired by a dear friend to make something with eggplant. I hadn’t had eggplant since I was ten and told my grandmother I kind of liked it, and I ended up with so much eggplant I fed a little too much to her dog and he puked purple. Eighteen years later I came to terms with the fact that it can’t be as traumatic of a vegetable as I remembered. I went in easy and took on Jen’s Eggplant Parmesan over at Peanut Butter Runner. It was so freaking good! I can’t believe I kept myself from the glorious flavors of eggplant for almost two decades. (But does anyone else find the draining process a little creepy? Nope, just me? Fine then.)

Not as scary as I thought.

Creepy draining eggplant.

The process.

Baked, not fried.

Delicious! Oh dairy, if we can't be friends, I will miss you so.



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