She’s Crafty

It takes me much longer than it should probably take a person to pick out a card. It seems that, no matter the occasion, I find it ridiculously difficult to find one that says just the right thing. Yes, there are plenty of blank cards around, but then the image on the front is lacking in some way. So, a few years ago, I started making my own. It all began with Tex (as have so many things I consider hobbies these days.) His birthday was just a few months into our relationship and to me, picking out a card was nothing short of a panic attack. What if it seemed too much, too little, too weird? And the option to forgo the card wasn’t so much an option at all. To me, a card is a non-negotiable. Don’t ask why, but I feel like the card makes the event; and it’s a way to document, just in case all evidence of that special day is gone.

With four baby showers in the span of a few weeks, I decided I needed to dig out my collection of card stock and get to craftin’. It can be time consuming, but isn’t so much difficult. I find that layering adds nice depth, without making the card too busy; and sketching out your idea is something you’ll probably want to do (unless I’m the only person who overestimates her artistic ability, only to remember this when she’s in too deep).

Add in the fine details with a thin-tipped marker.

Fun details for the inside.

It's a wrap!

A work in progress...