Erin Go Cupcake

We’re not going the traditional St. Patty’s route this year–we will relaxing on the patio of a nearby taqueria (Red Pepper Taqueria, to be exact. It’s awesome! Go there!), celebrating a friend’s birthday. I wanted to bring a little of the Irish spirit south of the border, so I made Chocolate-Guinness Cupcakes with Baileys buttercream. (No, these are not the ‘healthy cupcakes’ I’ve been going on about. Those will come soon enough.) I went straight to Smitten Kitchen for this recipe, and only changed a thing or two due to sleepiness and poor vision. I combined the eggs with butter instead of sour cream because I thought it read butter–don’t ask, but I’m beginning to think I’m due for an eye exam. I did toss in a bit of sour cream for good measure once I noticed my error. I also left out the baking soda.(insert Homer Simpson “D’oh!” here, while smacking forehead. Hard.) This didn’t occur to me until I was lying in bed and suddenly realized I had it sitting on the counter, but never opened it. No worries, they’re only slightly more dense, but just as delicious. I also skipped on the actual Baileys and used Baileys flavored coffee creamer. I had planned on buying an airplane bottle of Baileys on my way home, but one more stop would have been one stop too many. I was truly impressed with the Baileys flavor. (and now I’ll have fancy flavored coffee for the next couple weeks ;o))

Car Bomb in a Cupcake.

Butter & Beer.

June de Menthe hard at work (Oh, we named my mixer. She's part of the family now.).

Lucky Cakes?


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