Mini Pies for Nana

Nana, Tex’s grandmother, came into town this week and I had the privilege of cooking dinner for her and her sister. The most important part of the meal was dessert. Cherry pie is Nana’s all-time favorite, so it was a must. Since there were only four of us, I decided to make mini-pies so Tex and I wouldn’t be tempted with too many leftovers.

It was my first time making homemade cherry filling, but I found a simple and delicious recipe on All Recipes and the filling turned out beautifully (I didn’t use sour cherries because they weren’t available, but I’m a traditionalist when it comes to cherry pie anyway). It will be next to impossible to ever make a cherry pie with canned filling ever again. The fresh juice does so much for the flavor. However, next time there will be a cherry pitter involved, and not just me and a paring knife.

Luckily, Nana loved them, and if you’re ever fortunate enough to hear her cherry pie story, you’ll know she really loves cherry pie.

Chair of bowlies.

So simple-cornstarch, sugar, cherries.

Fill 'n fold.


Complete with whipped cream.



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