My Funny Palentine

We’ve never ventured out into the madness that is Valentine’s Day night. It started the first year we were together; I knew I would have to work since I was the new kid at the restaurant I worked at. Instead of pouting, I took the opportunity to surprise my pal with homemade paella, a handmade card, and lots of candles in the sunroom of our apartment. The following year he asked what I wanted to do and I decided a tradition had been made. Who needs overpriced, overcrowded restaurants when we already fare pretty well in the kitchen (and enjoy spending as much time as full-time schedules will allow in our pj’s and slippers)? Each year has gotten ever-so-slightly more indulgent than the last, with this year taking the cake (er, souffle). The menu consisted of Lobster Mac & Cheese, Fig Jam & Prosciutto Ebelskivers, and Chocolate Souffle with Raspberry Sauce. It was most certainly a labor of love, but it was worth every cut and ounce of energy used to get that lobster open. I forgot that my three years working at Red Lobster didn’t come with a farewell claw cracker tool. So I tried hitting it with a wine key, beer key, steak knife, and eventually, a hammer (and may have mangled a cocktail fork or two in the battle). In the end, I beat that already dead (and cooked in its shell) lobster. Tex had asked if we were getting a live one, but that scene from Annie Hall kept playing in my head over and over and over. Plus, I wanted to get started on dinner before he got home, and seeing that I can’t even walk by the fish area at the farmer’s market without holding my breath, I figure slaying a live lobster is beyond my culinary reach; and I am fine with that. Dinner turned out pretty great–I even took the time to research and pair wines with our feast (Ooh la la! A Chenin, Moscato, and Pinot Grigio blend with the lobster and ebelskivers, and Cabernet with the souffle.) In Tex’s words, it was “better than pizza”, and that is high praise in this house.

Lobster intact. I refrained from getting too personal.

The aftermath; I only got lightheaded once. Then I promptly poured a glass of wine.

Bowl o' Lobster

Homemade cheese sauce!

Not-so-healthy ebelsivers.

The main course.

Fancy schmancy.

Peaky boo.

Folding in the fluffy.

I skipped the straining step on the raspberry sauce, and I am so glad I did.

A Palentine.


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