Ebelskiver Saturdays: Orange-Blueberry Ebelskivers with Grilled Peaches

Ebelskiver Saturdays are back and better than ever! Due to those past few busy weekends, the ebelskivers were put on hold, but this weekend I went all out (and by ‘all out’ I mean healthy and delicious.) I don’t know about you, but I have found that my healthy habits tend to fall by the wayside once Friday night rolls around. Last weekend’s poor choices turned into a renewed focus and energy towards making every day a ‘good day’, and I wasn’t going to go into this weekend any other way. I eliminated all white sugar from this batter, subbed half the milk with orange juice, used fresh blueberries as the filling, and had grilled peaches on the side (I also use Smart Balance with Olive Oil instead of butter… and cut that down about 1/2tbsp from the original recipe). It was great–wholesome, filling, and a nice reminder to make the rest of the weekend just as healthy.

Prep bowls--one way to feel like you know what you're doing.


Easy grilling on a chilly Saturday morning.


As always, you can find the batter recipe here. I wish I could take full credit for the batter, but it’s just not so. I’ve lightened theirs a little, but not changed it completely. However, I did take the time to add up the nutrition info! Hooray!

Orange-Blueberry Ebelskivers with Grilled Peaches Nutrition Info (serving 1):
300 cals, 11.5g of fat, 38g carbs, 14.5g sugar, 8g fiber, 4.5g protein


2 thoughts on “Ebelskiver Saturdays: Orange-Blueberry Ebelskivers with Grilled Peaches

  1. Never heard of such a thing. Sounds German. Also sounds delicious! I didn’t know they had Smart Butter with Olive Oil…very cool.

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