Ebelskiver Saturdays: Apple-Cinnamon

My desire to master the ebelskiver has not subsided, so bright and early yesterday morning, I got out of bed to get busy (and make a royal mess of my kitchen). It was my first attempt at making my own filling, but as it turns out, that is pretty easy. I worked straight from my ebelskivers cook book (you can find it here), except I subbed the granny smith apples for fuji, eliminated a bit of sugar and used more brown sugar than white, and as always, subbed whole wheat flour for white.

So far, I think these are the crowd favorite (and by crowd, I mean Tex and myself). There was a good amount of filling left over after the batter was all used up, so the filling became topping; which only added to the decadence and fabulosity of it all. I also mastered that daunting ebelskiver flip! I didn’t think it was going to happen, things were looking too soupy for anything pretty to happen, but lo and behold, it was tens across the board and I’ll be submitting my application to the ebelskiver Olympics soon enough.

8am humor.


Butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon--what's not to love?




Check out that flip, ladies and gentelmen!

Breakfast perfected.

On a side note, if I haven’t mentioned this before, I recently acquired some prep bowls and am in love with them. I love all things tiny, but these are super-functional (and pretty! Thanks to a Macy’s gift card and a visit to the Martha Stewart section.). Now I can cook/bake/create without using every single cereal bowl we own. They also came with lids, genius.


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