Ebelskiver Saturdays: Getting (Coco)Nutty

This morning started bright and early with another ebelskiver attempt. I really liked the blackberry jam-filled that I made last week, but wanted to try something new. The picture of lightly toasted coconut-laced ebelskivers caught my eye and I got to work. This batter had an additional egg white, making the dough fabulously fluffy (almost too fluffy, but I’ll get to that later). They turned out great and not much unlike the picture.

Extra fluffy batter.

The filling.

This is why it may have been too fluffy-- it made it hard for all the layers to come together.

One day I'll get it right on the first flip.

An additional turn or two made them nice and brown.

Too early in the morning for plate presentation. More of an ebeliskiver pile, if you will.

Let’s hope this trend of bounding out of bed on Saturdays to whip up a homemade breakfast continues… so far we’re two for two. We shall see.



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