Borrowed from Blogs: To Die For Coconut Cookies (or Coconut Clouds, is what I think they should be called)

I need to get back to the emphasis on the ‘week’ in ‘Recipe of the Week’. My apologies, I am sometimes, if nothing else, a slacker.

Moving on. My most recent recipe was borrowed from Gina’s Skinny Recipes. I only tweaked one ingredient, so I can’t hardly take credit for these scrumptious little meringue bites of heaven. I swapped out corn flakes for Special K Protein Plus. I couldn’t find a small box of corn flakes (apparently they only come in super mondo family size) and the store brand had high fructose corn syrup (no thanks). I felt bad buying a humongous box of cereal that I would never eat, so I took my chances with Special K and they turned out great! The Special K also added a delightful hint of cinnamon.

This recipe was also significant for another reason–it was my maiden voyage with my brand new Kitchen Aid mixer. This baby was barely out of the box before I was mixing away. Don’t worry, I washed the bowls and attachments first. Sigh, such a grown up.

These cookies are light (in the way of density and calories) and incredible. Next time I may add a drizzle of dark chocolate. :o)

Ingredients--including my avocado masher turned cereal grinder.

Folding in the coconut.


Light as air.





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