My birthday was a little over a week ago. I love my birthday for many reasons; I get to have a day that is all about me (at least within my inner circle of family and friends), it’s in the beginning of October (my favorite month), and there’s nothing like feeling special and loved. This year’s birthday was pretty perfect. My birthday fell on a Sunday, so the night before we met up with some friends at a local and delicious bar/restaurant. The food there is always fantastic and it’s never too crowded. The following day Tex and I had brunch with my mama at the bakery and were given the royal treatment. 🙂 We were so stuffed after we had no choice but to don our pj’s and lounge around for the rest of the day (poor us), with the proverbial cherry on top being the pizza we had delivered. Perfection.

My fabulous birthday cake. Don't ask.

A beautiful leather notebook a friend gave me for jotting down recipes.

Coffee and Cupcakes make everything better. Why, yes they do.


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