Totes Oats {Totally Oatmeal}

I know I have mentioned my love of breakfast more than once. My ideal breakfast is hearty enough to keep me full until lunch, healthy, and lower in calories and sugar. That’s where oatmeal comes in, and I’m not talking about the over-processed, pre-packaged, sugary hot cereal we all know and love (try to tell me peaches ‘n cream oatmeal isn’t delicious). My oatmeal boasts ‘thick and rough’ in the name, which I think is a risky marketing move; but that’s an entirely different conversation. Yes, there was a time when I thought ‘real’ oatmeal’s purpose was best served as a cookie ingredient, but last winter I became a an oatmeal aficionado (in my humble opinion). There have been many takes and it’s really hard to go wrong once you know what you like, but a little sense of culinary adventure helps, too. Peanut butter and pear honey? Yes, please. Peanut butter and orange flavored dried cranberries with cinnamon and nutmeg? Definitely. My latest concoction will grace my table again, but it may be next summer since good strawberries most will not be available for long. Honestly, I didn’t expect much from the carton we picked up this week, but I was (happily) proven wrong.

This may have been my simplest oatmeal recipe to date. All you need are 1/3 c oats, 2/3 c water, cinnamon, fresh-cut strawberries, and sugar-free maple syrup. I added the cinnamon to the oatmeal while it was cooking, but left the strawberries fresh since I’m not crazy about them when they’re mushy. Once the oatmeal finished, I cut the berries up , topped them with cooked oats, and drizzled with syrup. Sweet, but not overly so, bright, and perfect for breakfast. Next time I may add a little vanilla Greek yogurt for a little creaminess.

Nutrition stats (per serving):

172 cals; 3g fat; 32.9g carbs; 2.8g sugar; 6.8g fiber; 6.3g protein


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