Local Restaurant Lovin’

Tex and I recently discovered a new sandwich shop in our ‘hood and we (well, maybe more so me) are really excited. It blows and sub shop I’ve ever been to out of the water and if you’re in or near Decatur, it is a must-try. Enough of my free publicity, the restaurant is…

{Drum roll please}

Erbert & Gerbert’s!

Narmer, sans mayo (Turkey, avocado, provolone, lettuce, & tomato on wheat)

We’ve only been twice, but each time it has been delicious, fresh, and the staff is super friendly. As an added bonus, the back story is pretty cool. The name of the shop, as well as the menu items, came from the bedtime stories the owner made up to tell his kids. You can read about each character on the wall while you dine, provided you can take your attention off the tastiness in front of you. I have fallen in love with the Narmer, but am excited to try other menu items.

Hooray for fun new restaurants that are inexpensive and healthy (if you so choose)!


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