Pudding… Promoted!

Altering ready-to-eat packaged foods is a great way to have something different without actually cooking. I really like to do so with low-calorie desserts, but without adding too many more calories or sugar. One of my favorites are sugar-free pudding cups. It can be an addition as simple as a little whipped cream– I prefer the fat-free, 5 calorie per serving kind.

Sugar-free pudding cup with fat-free whipped cream.

Parfait with sugar-free chocolate pudding, banana, and fat-free whipped cream.

Or, if you have a few extra minutes to spare, make a layered parfait. When I made them for Tex and myself, I split a banana between the parfaits and added some whipped cream between the layers. (Adding a couple of pecans is a nice touch, too.) It was delicious, super satisfying, and felt like more of an indulgence than the 115 calories it actually was!


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