Race Day

This morning was race day. For me, it was my first ever. For Tex, it was his first in over 10 years. We have been running since mid-December and decided in the beginning of January to sign up for a race.  At the Shamrock ‘n Roll 5k was far enough away to give us time to train, but close enough that it wouldn’t be forgotten.

I thought I would have been more nervous, but in all honesty I was just ready to get started. The start of the race was a little humorous; it seemed like everyone was bouncing around and not really getting anywhere. Soon enough we all spread out and found our pace. In hindsight it went by fast, but there were moments where I didn’t think I’d ever get to the next mile marker. There was one pretty steep hill that slowed us to a walk for just a minute or two, but we were back to a run as soon as we had our breath. We ended with a time of approximately 32:55, which was a little better than I planned.

We celebrated our 3.1 mile victory with a pizza party for two at Mellow Mushroom. Yum!

Race Day #1?… Success!


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