Craving Warmth and an upcoming Race Day

Here’s hoping this backlash of winter weather is on its way out. Cold weather means a cold me and that leads to hibernation mode. Point being, I feel incredibly unproductive and can easily fill a day off with ‘Greek’ reruns and bad movies.

On a more exciting note, six days until Tex and I run our first 5k. To some 3.1 miles is nothing; to me it’s a gateway run to much longer races, we hope. Getting this far has been difficult, but not impossible. Truth be told, we haven’t run the full 3.1 without stopping. The race we are running touts itself as one of the easiest since a lot of it is downhill and that you’ll be sure to get your best time yet. Let’s hope so. Regardless, it’ll be a fun way to spend a Sunday.


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